Escape 2. (also known as part 2) by dther99

this time, not only get out, but fight the maniac! (hint: the maniac is alergic to pie.)

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Review by David Revelle
16 Dec 2007
For fear of getting my own game blammed by you, this game is just horrible. It's a broken game with broken grammar and broken spelling.

Review by DePaw
23 Nov 2007
No comment.

Review by Michael the gamer
20 Nov 2007
Review #2 Comment by Steve Lingle
19 Nov 2007

I'm not going to rate this. If I did, it would be a one or a negative number. Please make an actual game before posting on here. This file seems to be no more than a practice file to see if commands can be used.
"Its pie" when you look at the pie.
According to the walkthrough, you have to "pull the book" but the commands "pull the book", "pull book", "pull", "pull the book that says lever" and "pull book that says lever" do not work.
By the way, you must type "book that says lever" when you want to do something with it... look, x, take, speak to.
I played it longer than it took to create it, I'm sure.... which wasn't long, I assure you.


I know it wasn't good but why the negative feelings?
Man if your a teacher all those kids that you teach will have a hard time.
and guess what?
Your Kings Quest is gone from the 10 Best rating games

Review #2 Comment by dther99
18 Nov 2007

walk through: take all pies. go into the living room. go to the library. pull the book. throw pie. the maniac will die. you win.


You just improving on making great games.
That jerk Steve Lingle is a negative guy.
Just Ignore him
That Walkthough was Helpful

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