The land of Sirra by Naughty hungry lion

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Warning! This game contains many furry related stuff that if you don't know, you won't like! Serious warning! This game contains: Vore (player pred), Vore (player prey), Foot fetish (Furry), Fart/burp Fetish (furry), Diaper fetish (Furry), Yiff (Sub), Yiff (Dom), Various other vores and fetishes.

If that doesn't warn you enough, If you don't know what this game is already don't complain when I gross you out ^^

Sept 2019 update.
Plenty of new stuff and setting the foundations for the games development.

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Review by KittyKat1415
04 Jan 2021
I never spoke on this game but it is amazing! So much detail so much things to do! And I'm just very upset I never got to show Naughty my love for this game. It is a shame that it won't be finished but it was and still is an amazing game. May Naughty rest in piece.

Review by ThelmaDragon24
14 Nov 2020
This game was amazing, so much detail, it is unfortunate we won't see it finished, but he did an amazing job on this game for a long while and has done so much. Rest In Peace, Naughty.

Review by Noobypro
08 Oct 2020
no just no

Review by obamadoesnotexist
29 Sep 2019

Review by TylerTEM
04 Jun 2019
Great game, I keep timing out, and when I get caught in the room to the left twice and down one from the start it screws up the map, but a really good game!

Review by furry
23 Apr 2019
the story is rilly good, and i rilly like the game.

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Written for Quest 5.8
Added 15 Apr 2019
Updated 19 Aug 2021