Zombie In Your Home: A Choose-Your-Own Horror by dppacey

You've seen the news, you know what's going on. Zombies are here, and the infection is spreading. It's 6 a.m. and your alarm wakes you for Monday morning, but you aren't going to work today. You hear a sound - breaking glass - but will you investigate it? Do you dare?

See if you can survive the twisted game of "Zombie In Your Home", by apocalyptic comedy fiction writer Duncan P. Pacey.

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Review by TheBoldWriter
08 Dec 2017
Amazing-ly disappointing! I'd love this game if it weren't for the fact that it.... Well, it's just so repetitive! It just won't end, the frustration AND the game that is. You keep dying then awaking realising you were dreaming. Well thats a downer, eh? I just don't understand why there is no way of surviving. Sure, you can kill me but, I should at least get a sense of accomplishment! 10 minutes in and I already started skipping the text! And believe me I never do that. Make it a bit LESS REPETITIVE. Make it BETTER.

Overall, It's good. Narration gives out 'the feels'. Very Repetitive. Very Boring after a while. No goal, sense of accomplishment. Game can never be survived/ you always die. Wouldn't play again, until updated.

Review by nammyal
26 Oct 2017
It was alright, but there really should be a path where I don't end up dying.

Review by emmodii
22 Sep 2017
Not much mood on this, really. And it doesn't really feel like we have much free will if we just keep getting killed and reset to waking up and finding out there's a zombie in our house and yadda yadda.

Frankly, it doesn't really give much motivation to even continue playing or trying other routes. In fact, it's downright frustrating.

Perhaps having more routes would have made this better, because it sure as heck felt like there was only one plot. It got too annoying to really try all the options.

Review by GameofChocolate
13 Sep 2017
It was moderately ok, but the repetitive attempts to kill the same creature in my dream got boring fairly quickly. Hopefully your next game will have more than one enemy and plotline.

Review by ChaosStar
03 Sep 2017
This game was a blast! I love your writing style and the premise of the game. I played it for at least 20 minutes straight, dying repeatedly. The only downside I found, although I do quite like the Groundhog Day-esque story, is that it gets quite repetitive and I never seemed to find a path where I didn't die. Still, I found it extremely enjoyable!

Review by Skiltra Affect
03 Sep 2017

This is very good indeed,

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