Pokémon Emerald by Yoshi667

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This is a work-in-progress of Pokémon Emerlad!

Hello! I'm back after a fairly long hiatus with another update! All three starter battles are implemented! Give them a shot! ^-^

Also, thank you 'fellowreptilian' for that extremely constructive criticism! I'll keep that in mind! *jots 'make game good' in notepad*

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Review by Alia101
15 Mar 2019
Oh my gosh, this is ridiculous. I love it.
I wish there was a bit more choice to the game, but literally everyone else said that too, so I won't be repetitive. I like all the snarky comments the main character makes too. All in all, a great game, but I just want some more. I'd like to see where you go with this. Adios!

Review by Akill90
29 Aug 2017
Lovely. Please make a Stadium Pic, Make us get into the feel!!

Review by pranyboi
05 May 2017
it makes me laugh and is fun please complete it quick i love to play this on my 3ds because i like text. great game

Review by Adamantiax
15 Jan 2017
it has potential, but why even put the second options there if they do nothing anyway.

15 Jul 2016
Its ok, im looking forward to the full version

Review by MrHutchY9000
30 Jun 2016
this is crap

Review by PokeMason
19 Jun 2016
It's pretty good, I like the concept. However, I feel the game would be better if you cut out some of the stuff like- "Hey theres mom! I wonder if..." This makes me feel like I don't have a unique personality.

Review by hrowe26
07 Jun 2016
Reminds me of the real thing

Review by Icamenal
03 Apr 2016
Made me snort. :) However, the decisions I made didn't effect the outcome, so I might as well have read a book or something.

Review by GlobeFighter01
12 Mar 2016
I would give a 5 star if it was good enough
4.5 stars I would give
but good effort :D

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