Zombie Apocalypse .:It's Only The Beginning:. ~Part One~ by Sophie3

You wake up in a suspiciously empty hospital, having no memory of how you got there. You're not going to lie around and wait for something to happen...when faced in extraordinary situations, you find out what sort of person you really are...

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Review by NightmareJulianna
02 Oct 2018
AWESOME thing it's really cool i loved it!

Review by MrPikmin16
05 Jul 2017
I.Q Incorporated, hope you know that The Walking Dead stole that beginning from 28 Days Later.

Anyway, I like how the different options are explained and I will be checking out the second episode. Cheers.

31 Dec 2014
I liked this. I like how you added some comedy in it too. I liked how the funny dialogue sounded like me. The choices also made sense and seem they could change the story. My only problem is you stole the beginning form The Walking Dead series by Amc and the comics. Please continue the adventure. Thanks for Reading

Review by Tristriton12
03 Nov 2014
OMG I will be waiting eagerly for a Part Two... But you have the same problem as me. It's too short. But still, part two I will be eagerly awaiting

Review by Henry Chairman
10 Jul 2014
its pretty short, but well done and i’ll defiantly be playing part 2.

Review by Daisy&sis
10 Jul 2014
It's okay, but when you wake up in a hospital you're usually in one of those gowns.... I keep imagining him in one, and it gets a bit ridiculous.

Review by yoshiclay9000
14 Mar 2014
good but I actually knew what to do cause I never been to a zombie apocalypse XD all well good but make it longer

Review by mwigham
26 Feb 2014
Not too bad, decent enough options and keeps you interested but far too short. I like the option system where the options are explained, good start.

Review by infinentvariables
15 Feb 2014
completed the first part with no difficulties nice game!

Review by HenryHutcheson
15 Feb 2014
I enjoyed playing this and it gave me ideas about my own zombie game that I am making. How long did it take for you to finish?

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