Riddle Run by Hayden

You are trapped somewhere. To escape from somewhere, you must solve riddles. Each riddle you solve takes you to the next room. There are five rooms. Can you get through them all?

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01 Jul 2013
I got to the pizza and ice cream riddle, and I was enjoying myself until I used a hint. The sudden "you died" suddely got me like a slap in the face, I was so dissapointed!!

Review by Scarey Nerd
21 Mar 2009
This was an alright game, but I couldn't pass the 5th riddle, which made no sense whatsoever. Because there's a riddle you can't do, I only give this a 2.

Review by Amber
18 Nov 2008
The first four riddles are easy, but the pizza riddle? It isn't even a riddle!

And when the game offers you a hint, it makes you die. Ummm... ok.

Review by GAMER!
24 Aug 2008
This wasn't a bad game. However there was one part that, in my opinion, was impossible. The 4th riddle isn't the most obvious riddle ever. Even though riddles aren't meant to be obvious. If you just give the only clue "it's not grass." then how do you know what it is? I give this game a 4.

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