Shrunken at a Club by proveyed

Very cool giantess game.

Everything is unaware. Deaths revolve around feet/shoes, butts, vaginas, noses, ears, piss, vore and vomit.

It's not finished. If you can't access an area, it's because it doesn't exist. If you wanna know anything ask in the comments.

English is not my first language. Please correct any typos or grammar mistakes in the comments if you find them.

Credit to Vintovka on giantessworld and He's the creator of a few characters in this game.


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Review by aceshley1989
21 Oct 2019
this game is amazing. for the next update i would like to see some combining items.

Review by ree3
12 Jul 2019
I should have rated this months ago, you rule dude. Definitely one of the best stories on this site.

Review by Sheograth10
09 Jul 2019
I haven't played as much of this game as I should, and I'll play more over time for sure, but it's definitely high quality. It has a good balance of fetishes and the deaths are all fun to read. It also is pretty easy, so people who aren't good at playing text adventures shouldn't be afraid to give it a shot.

And the creator updates the game frequently with extra deaths and interactions. It deserves a lot of buzz for the quality.

Review by Morfrid
09 Jul 2019
An entreteining game with intuitive mechanics and a fari challenge: Check
A devilishly funny style of writing: Check
Despite english not beeing the firts language has a better grammar than 99% of the textadventure writers: Check
A constant flow of feedback : Check

Sir, keep your great work and more 5 star reiews will keep coming.

Review by Lorax
09 Jul 2019
top tier like the new content 10/10 would toothpick again

Review by bee2
09 Jul 2019
loads of updates lately for one of the highest quality shrink stories on here. it was already good and now it's only getting better. my favorite support character is the lint!

Review by shrinkydink112269
30 May 2019
I hope my 5 star review will encourage you to come back to this, I love love LOVE it

Review by jassblaster
12 Apr 2019
very good and interesting, I have very much enjoyed this game although to bump it up I would suggest writing a walkthrough to show what you can do, a walkthrough would of helped me and others as I was unable to climb the unbranded girl and missed out on some content as I used all the items available to me in all states I could have them but I couldn't figure out how to climb her

Review by neder
19 Feb 2019
good for a beggining add some vore actions or to get into the middle stall in the women's bathroom and your good

Review by Nico Nico Ni
05 Jan 2019
Pretty nice game with interesting deaths.

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