Shrunken at a Club by proveyed

You've shrunken on a night out with your friends while clubbing. With everyone else unaware of what's happened, you can either try to grab someone's attention... or, inevitably, get killed by a woman who doesn't know you exist.

This game is mostly about finding interesting ways to die by giantesses, all unawarely. You can't get their attention, and just about every type of death is included in the game. It's still a work in progress, so if there's anything you think should be added, leave it in the comments! If you're confused (The game isn't intuitively designed. Period.) then leave questions in the comments and I may be able to leave mini-walkthroughs for certain deaths.

Please correct any typos or grammar mistakes in the comments if you find them. I'm still learning to write well.

>FAQ (updated 6/4):
>I provide updates for my game and take requests in Supernova’s discord server:
>Read my standalone stories:

+credit to Vintovka on giantessworld and he's the creator of a few characters in this game.

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Review by lagrandefemme
24 Jul 2021
j'aime chaque mort dans le jeu, surtout la fille hipster

Review by MadCapGold331!
08 Jun 2021
very nice i love this game alot

Review by boons123
20 Jan 2021
Best game on the site.

Review by Cramberries
03 Oct 2020
Love it! male content soon i hope.

Review by Tinnywinny
16 Jun 2020
Love this game, t’was the reason I made this account, just to comment my suggestions for death and interactions

(Also, another death this game could have is a character smocking and spitting, the spit lands on the player character trapping them, and she drops the cigarette next to them and she steps on both the player and the cigarette bud, grinding the two into one ashy mess)

Review by Nix7125
12 Jun 2020
Fascinating very fascinating.

Review by aceshley1989
21 Oct 2019
this game is amazing. for the next update i would like to see some combining items.

Review by ree3
12 Jul 2019
I should have rated this months ago, you rule dude. Definitely one of the best stories on this site.

Review by Sheograth10
09 Jul 2019
I haven't played as much of this game as I should, and I'll play more over time for sure, but it's definitely high quality. It has a good balance of fetishes and the deaths are all fun to read. It also is pretty easy, so people who aren't good at playing text adventures shouldn't be afraid to give it a shot.

And the creator updates the game frequently with extra deaths and interactions. It deserves a lot of buzz for the quality.

Review by Morfrid
09 Jul 2019
An entreteining game with intuitive mechanics and a fari challenge: Check
A devilishly funny style of writing: Check
Despite english not beeing the firts language has a better grammar than 99% of the textadventure writers: Check
A constant flow of feedback : Check

Sir, keep your great work and more 5 star reiews will keep coming.

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