Laceration by LightningStrife

You wake up on your couch, but remembering last night is hard for you. Everything is within it's place, yet something is off. Something is warped, something is...wrong. And you don't know why.

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Review by dirty_preach
28 Sep 2016
Besides a few grammatical errors, this game is really good! I enjoyed how it took its time falling into place. This game has the perfect pacing of confusion and connections to lace the whole thing together and tie the knot at the very end. Great job!

Review by MisterPibb316
24 Apr 2015
I had fun with this. Even if the options actually seem to be an illusion of choice rather than anything that affects the outcome of the game, it's nice that they're anyway, to provide some level of interactivity. This 10 minute Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style game comes from a dark, introverted, and scary/surreal place. If that sounds like your kind of game, give it a quick play or two.

Review by infinentvariables
11 Mar 2015
great game the imagery is outstanding reminds me of a game called only if u get high sleep and wake up in a random place i love it!

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