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Reviews by dirty_preach

Review for Her Pound of Flesh
12 Oct 2016
This was amazing. Disgusting, but amazing. The intensity of the writing and progression of the days as you go through all the endings is uncomfortably good. I loved finding all the endings. Great job!

Review for Pestilence
12 Oct 2016
Really freaky and true to the word of one with OCD. The only thing I didn't really like was the size of the text, which isn't very relevant, but I had to get real close to the screen to read it. Maybe that's the point. Anyawy, excellent job!

Review for Laceration
28 Sep 2016
Besides a few grammatical errors, this game is really good! I enjoyed how it took its time falling into place. This game has the perfect pacing of confusion and connections to lace the whole thing together and tie the knot at the very end. Great job!