Shrunk by ZacharyX

You are shrunk to one inch in your room. Can you survive?

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Review by daeun
07 Feb 2024
Game is glitchy.

Review by Deathfromarras
28 Jan 2023
hmm good good just include a story and your game will be good

Review by ScareJer
18 Oct 2018
Sorry man, it's just really low effort

Review by FrizzleOfficial
31 Jul 2018
I'm not a fan of leaving one star reviews... I almost never do it... But this certainly warrants one.

1) The layout is very confusing and at times it's difficult to get your bearings... Which is absurd because there are hardly any rooms to explore.

2) The idea of this game is great, but the execution horrible. Your death scenes are so lacking and dull that to be honest I stopped the game after Mary's room and didn't bother trying to do anything else because hardly any effort at all (if any) went into the deaths or interactions.

3) If this was a WIP I might have given you a 2 star... But it seems this is all you plan on doing with it. That's a shame... It's very frustrating to see people start a project that gives our community hope, only to end in more disappointment like those before it.

All in all, I'm not trying to reprimand or insult you. Not at all. I simply ask that when you get an idea about creating a game, that you simply put in some more effort. Otherwise you add on to the already long list of lost potential in this vast sea of disappointment.

Review by TheBoldWriter
22 Jun 2018
It's a daily good game but the images and the music videos you put in are distracting. The images are too big and can't be seen whole, (at least in my computer) and really pulls you away from the game.

I would love to see more, but please remove the images/videos. For the 'Game Over' scene you can just add a Sound-Effect instead of the YouTube link!

Overall, great work but a bit too distracting...

-your friendly neighbourhood reviewer!

Review by mahboi
07 Jun 2018

Review by GR
04 Jan 2018
Not a bad start; can't wait for more!

Review by Missing_lick
11 Mar 2017
The pictures you add detract from the experience instead of enhancing it, and get in the way of the story's flow.

Review by Rc17
21 Apr 2016
There doesn't seem to be anything to do after you get to Mary's room.

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