The Tree by Father

A huge crater in the desert on a distant planet. In the centre a gigantic tree that stretches out to the rim. I lived beneath that tree. This is my story.

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Review by Natloud
27 Apr 2018
Really enjoyed this game. Very unique setting and story line. I agree with all that sarah4 has said in her review. Puzzles were well thought out - had to take a break a couple of times to think them through but could eventually figure them out. Great game!

Review by wolvins
10 Mar 2017
Another great game from Father, really liked the switch in the story and the ending. I totally agree with the other reviews already written. So I just refer to there nicely written reviews.

Review by DavyB
01 Aug 2016
Sarah4 has already provided a good review of this game, and I agree with all the points she made. For me, it felt like reading an engaging story, slowing up from time to time to think through the next puzzle, but keeping up a good pace. The story and puzzles worked very well together, providing an overall excellent experience. Well done! ...and great to see there are seven more games to try!!

Review by burksj86
28 Jan 2016
one of the best games i have played on a long time and i dont mean just on this site but all around great story that has u invested in the character and what is going to happen next unique and original story that was refreshing great puzzles that were challenging and made you think with out making you want to give up by the end of this was wishing there was a sequel maybe return to the tree lol great game

Review by sarah4
22 Oct 2014
This was a meticulously planned and constructed game with a compelling storyline and an intriguing mystery at its core. An impressive amount of world-building has clearly gone into developping the back story of the main character and the world in which they exist and the ways in which this world is gradually revealed to you over the course of the game is very effective. The writing was of a high standard, with locations, objects and landscapes all perfectly described. Also, the language shift after the game's pivotal moment is well conceived and executed. There were many unexpected twists and turns in the unfolding plot, when I began playing the game I could never have predicted its denouement! The puzzles were not extremely difficult, but all were well imagined and implemented and felt organic to the game while offering the player just enough of a challenge to stop you in your tracks while solving it! Congratulations again Father on another excellent game and I look forward to your future masterpieces!

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