The King Is Dead. Long live The Queen by jesusslipped

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You have been tasked by a rebel group to go steal documents from the king these documents will prove to the people that the King is corrupt. you will have to make difficult choices throughout the game.

NOTE: this game was made as a school project. there may be some mistakes, (such as something saying INSERT _____ HERE) if there is, please let me know and i will fix them as fast as i can. also the story if not finished and probably never will get an ending.

Enjoy the game!!!

EDIT: i fixed some typos that were mentioned.
Review by The_Great_Unknown
14 Mar 2024
The King Is Dead. Long Live The Queen is descriptive and rich with an intriguing story idea. As players, you will navigate the castle to prove the king is corrupt. Some parts were confusing but overall the paragraphs made sense and didn't have much word repetition. The story was understandable and really matched its description.

This game is packed with excitement from breaking into the castle to searching for the documents. Despite its unfinished state I really enjoyed this game. There were a few uncapitalized letters at the beginning of sentences, and some spelling errors like you tyou talk. but overall I would definitely recommend this game.

Review by KEcgcs
14 Mar 2024
This game was super fun to play! Even though it was unfinished i still enjoyed this heavily, there are quite a few uncapitalized letters after periods, but it didn't affect anything in my opinion! I will say that there is a spelling error after you count down from five, i assume you where attempting to say "no" but added an extra n on the front, "Nno". otherwise this game is wonderful you did a great job!
Well done jesusslipped!

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