Ruby Fights-Takedown: Chapter 1 by Keeptomyself

I am chasing the infamious drag car racer. Sorry that was rude of me. I'm Scarlet, and you will make my decisions. After a day at work something happens.

This is the first of the series Ruby Fights-A series created by Keeptomyself.
Review by TheBoldWriter
01 Feb 2018
Well, that was uneventful.... Either you're trolling THE WORLD! Or you just don't know that THIS GAME IS SHORT! It say's 'Mystery' and honestly thats very well done. The genre is the right one for this game! 'CAUSE MOST OF THE TIME THE PLAYER IS WONDERING WHERE IN THE HEAVENS IS THE REST OF THE GAME? Either I am missing something really important, or YOU ARE MISSING SOMETHING!! And I'm not talking about the gem.

Overall, I'm speechless in a bad way. There are only like 10 choices? Its super short and is more of a comedy than a Mystery. Only because you're busy laughing at the game... I wouldn't play it again until updated.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Reviewer,
No Hate....

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