Karen Part 3 by Magic Orange

In the final chapter of the Karen series, you must face the Pillagers and the man who has taken everyone important to you out of your life. Your decisions not only control your fate, but the fate of everyone in the city.

This is the last chapter. It's finally getting finished with. Sorry for the long wait. Hopefully some people still have an interest in this series. I will get back to work on Monsters after this, but I've decided to scrap what I had for the third chapter, so the wait for that will be a little longer. If you enjoyed this game, please leave your thoughts and let me know of any issues whatsoever. Thanks for playing!

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Review by StoryBox
23 Jul 2015

Good but something I missing

Review by MisterPibb316
23 May 2015
A clear step up from parts 1 and 2--you get all the plot you need (even if some of it could've been introduced in parts 1 and 2, to make the series a little more balanced), and enough choices (SPOILERS... in particular, the last fight) to make this feel like a game rather than an intriguing short story. For future games, I recommend use of a points system based on the player's decision making, and fleshing things with out with more situational decisions unrelated to battle--but what we have here is an enjoyable 20 minute play for sure.

I feel like with what the author does give us, he does it quite well.

Review by TheHatMan
31 Aug 2014
Breathtaking, amazing, inspiring adventure. Truly the entire Karen series was amazing, and you sir Magic Orange has tied it all together. Thank you for making this wonderful series, it's just so...so....I can't even put the words into my mouth. I can't wait until you make another masterpiece, maybe Monsters Chapter 3? Who knows. ;)

There's a few bugs in the game, anyway.

Review by DominatorDuck
18 Jul 2014
Loved it all, make more like these as i like all of your currant series and hope that they are end as good as this one.

Review by awesomeman12345
18 Jul 2014
Wow. This series has just blown my mind. period. The story is well written the characters are interestingly flawed. It's such a shame the series has to come to an end

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