Day Of Honor by TriangleGames

You've always been a little strange. Now, your "Day Of Honor" has arrived.
This is your chance to prove your worth and loyalty to your tribe.
Or perhaps discover something about yourself...

Written by Evan Williams,
as a Micro-Fiction Quest Challenge.

This game has been updated and repaired as of June, 2016.
A few extra minor details have been added, bugs fixed, and oversights... um, seen to.
If you've played before, be sure to hit "restart" not "resume."

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Review by archerqueen08
12 Feb 2018
Pretty well written, I like the style of the writing :D. Lots of details too.

Review by KYS
26 Jul 2016
I've been reading and reviewing rather a lot of fantasy category text adventures, and I've been reviewing them frequently. FairPlay to you. It was an immersive experience!

Review by bearzilla
28 Jul 2014
nice and mysterious and fun to look around, if i could i would be picking up and looking at everything lol. i like it

Review by crazyGauss
07 Jan 2014
Very interesting and well written.

Are there sequels? :)

Review by SasuTenLuvr
06 Nov 2013
Wonderful adventure. I had a faint hunch as to what some of what the things in the temple actually were, but the reveal still surprised me.

Review by yomitch8
29 Jun 2013
This is a fantastic adventure!

Review by Faith Marie Bynum
02 Mar 2013
I can't believe no one has rated this yet! Probably one of the best Micro-Quests I've played so far.

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 23 Feb 2013
Updated 29 Jun 2016

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