Reviews by SasuTenLuvr

Review for Depression Quest
27 Apr 2015
It's strange. The main character's life isn't anywhere close to mine, but at the same time... I feel like this is me. The thoughts and feelings are mine, and it's an amazing feeling to know I'm not the only one with these fears and doubts. I'm almost tearing up at how understood I feel right now.
I found myself not trying to "win the game" but instead... to look inside myself, and make the choices I'd make. And, surprisingly, I think I ended in the game where I emotionally am now.
Thank you for this experience.

Review for Suicide
26 Mar 2015
It's probably a little unhealthy that I spent so much effort and had so much fun trying to help a girl kill herself. But when you make it so morbidly entertaining (and I love dark humor), how can I resist?
I kind of connected with the character during my first few failed attempts- eg: when she was either too weak or too nervous to properly kill herself. That's probably why I personally am still alive...
But what I really liked were the positive alternatives to suicide. They made me smile and feel a bit proud- prouder than when she finally successfully died, even.
Thanks for this game.

Review for PataNoir
29 Jan 2014
This was really fun! I like semi-surreal word games like this.

Review for Day Of Honor
06 Nov 2013
Wonderful adventure. I had a faint hunch as to what some of what the things in the temple actually were, but the reveal still surprised me.

Review for Captain Jumbo
04 Nov 2013
This game was incredibly sad, but very well made. The child's all too innocent outlook on the horrible things happening around (him? her) made this game especially heartbreaking. I was honestly stunned, then heartbroken when the ending began to play out.
On to the actual gameplay: this game looks deceptively simple, but I did get thoroughly stuck on one part the first time I played, and had to return today with a fresh mind in order to finish successfully. I also thought that the single-item inventory helped to add realism to the game, although it was a bit frustrating to have to drop one item to pick up something else.
My one criticism is that I don't think the constant changing of the background color was necessary, what with the already changing text colors. It did give off a carefree and childlike ambiance, but I found it a little distracting.
Overall, this was brilliant.