Be a giantess and a tiny (telportors are going to be invlolved in a later update) by jamop

This is a game that has tinies and giantesses and you can play in the POV of any character you want. I am going to add teleporters as soon as possible. If you are downloading this to play on quest. Make sure to go the Goolge Drive link provided and download the .mp3 file. If you do not have this file then the game will not make quite as much sense:
I'm sorry for making a bad game and will try to fix it and make it better. However I cannot fix it if I don't know what I need to fix.

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Review by Jacob Afton
20 Jun 2023
This is a failure you are bad but it has a good concept but you are bad at delivery why not try to ask a person who can help you because this is bad but concept is good

Review by Deathfromarras
08 Feb 2023
eww this game makes me vomit

Review by Alishya
15 Jul 2022
Stop spamming your damn unfinished low effort game on other high levels of popular games. Go earn your popularity and not try to steal it for God's sake

Review by Cramberries
14 Jul 2022
I say the spam is ban worthy

Review by ButtFuck88
13 Jul 2022
Stop spamming people

Review by Maximus814814
21 Jun 2022
there is no game here, also spamming a link, kinda cringe

Review by Umbumbumb
21 Jun 2022
Very bad, it feels like someone way too horny made it.

Review by Techno09
07 Apr 2022
This is shit. Also go to horny jail.

Review by HighImpactMoth
29 Jun 2021
literally everything is broken, somehow even the look at features are broken which means the creator had to go out of their way to mess those up.

I would say to playtest your game before releasing it, even if it is a demo/alpha it needs to at least work for anyone to want to stay involved.

Every single option on the first page is broken, as a suggestion I would recommend starting there and iron everything else out before working on a update to add content.

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