Reviews by HighImpactMoth

literally everything is broken, somehow even the look at features are broken which means the creator had to go out of their way to mess those up.

I would say to playtest your game before releasing it, even if it is a demo/alpha it needs to at least work for anyone to want to stay involved.

Every single option on the first page is broken, as a suggestion I would recommend starting there and iron everything else out before working on a update to add content.

Review for Tiny Perspectives
09 Sep 2019
Interesting in it's potential detail and in depth mechanics like needing one character to help another and whatnot but that's where my praise ends, the game can do with writing like rooms are left with a name and no descriptions and with the lack of meaningful writing I cannot tell if I am the giantess character or the tiny half the time.

As a side I also found a mistake where there is no exit in the shower, I'm not sure if that is when a game over event is meant to occur but there is no indication so and I don't have the patience to wait and find out.

27 Aug 2019
Pretty good tbh, this game has a lot of potential to make it stand out more than a usual shrunk at school game, very competently made and in the future with the thieving features it could be one of the high end size games on here.

My only suggestion would be to flesh out some of the shorter dialogue and make sure you play test the game a little more to ensure all functions do something, I am primarily talking about the 'Take' that does nothing.

Hope this review gives you motivation to continue, I would hate for this to become one of those fantastic games that the maker cuts support from.