Escape the Woods Part 1 by Sabatuer

You find yourself in the woods. No recollection of what happened, nothing to base your thoughts on. All you know is that you're looking for something. With a satchel and a look of determination, you try to find your way out of the forest, and find an old wooden cottage through the trees. Try to piece together the vague memories you have to figure out what it is you're looking for, and how to get out of the woods.
DISCLAIMER: Very rude narrator. If you have had conflict with robots in a past life, do not play this game. ;D
Will You Make It Out?
Review by Regisblackgaard
24 Oct 2016
WTF? #@!?**%$!

Review by Space Dumplings
12 Jul 2016
WOW. This game was quite wonderful indeed. I very much enjoyed the different endings and how if you didn't get some of the required things you would be screwed. I also like how you described everything around you. Over all I hope you make more games and continue this series!

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