Forgoten by Jim Jones

this game is alright i guess, it has one varyable fight, unlike alot of theese games and its kinda fun i guess, you might have to peek in QDK though..

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Review by I'm not sure
28 Jul 2003
d'you have to put the bodies in the oven or something? why do you have to open it? Do you have some kind of mental problem? Why is your game such crap?

03 Jan 2003
If you want my opinion, just read bjbest's review, which sums up my thoughts presicely. One thing I like, though, is its sense of... I dunno... atmosphere? Something, anyway, gives a slight thrill to playing this game. Otherwise... why do you have to open the oven? Why do you dream of cheese? What's with all the bodies?

Review by B.J. Best
12 Dec 2002
Do you like nonsenical cause and effect? Do you like warping around to different places for no apparent reason? Do you like objects that have no description? Do you like misspelled words? If so, then "Forgoten" [sic] is for you.

Everyone else may as well skip it. Not very much makes sense is this game, and the plot is nonexistent. Who are you, where are you going, what are you doing, why do you keep warping around? The game does have a vaguely sinister air about it but it is sorely underdeveloped.

The only reason I gave this game 2 stars (poor) rather than 1 (appalling) is that the author has spent some time developing a medium-sized world, and has put a little bit of effort into some scripting (the elevator works nicely, but why would there be an elevator in a otherwise normal home)?

Other than that, the main question I'm left with this game is: why? Why are their two dead, fused bodies in my parents' bed? Why does dropping a flashlight into a murky substance warp me to a house? Why does drinking the same said murky substance make me travel back in time? Why is there a reference to a magic tree when it is utterly unnecessary to the game? Why would anyone find this entertaining?

Review by Adam Ironside
01 Dec 2002
I didn't like your game very much, i thought it was too easy and didn't provide much fun at all. I found it very repetetive, especially the buttons and levers, maybe its just me that thinks this...

Review by Jazz
30 Nov 2002
cool game

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Written by
Jim Jones

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Written for Quest 3.11
Added 26 Nov 2002