Jim Jones

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Review for Mysts Demo
02 Feb 2003
(note to alex: get rid of my other rating, not this one) I didn't really mean that about the game, I didn't even remember giving that rating. I like the game... the feelings bugged me but, eh... no matter...

Review for Fade to White
17 Jan 2003
This game was a great game! I havn't beaten it, and I've tryed like 300 times... I keep on taking the crystals, then getting killed by the beast... O.o maybe i'm just stupid

05 Jan 2003
Ha! I beat it! I really did! I am the best beater in all of beat land! *dances around in circles, screaming at the top of his lungs* YYYYYYAAAAYYYY! the battle engine is great, and I'd like the authur to send me a copy...

21 Dec 2002
sorry Bj but i dislike your game. I wouldnt say hate, because alot of work has been put into it. You cant just slap a bunch of commands onto a game and make it good. alot of my games sucked.. but still... the game isnt even that big if you take out all of the bays... i like big, non-mystery games. bye...