Adam Ironside

Reviews by Adam Ironside

13 Jan 2003
I like it also. Jim Jones, I disagree greatly, the commands have been thought out cleverly and the game is good, (although to hard for me, lol). I have failed miserably to complete it but what i have played of it i have enjoyed. Nice character description, good menus, and overall good game. The only thing i think would be better if you added a map of the hotel and it's grounds to make the game slightly easier. But other than that, good game.

Review for Assassin
13 Jan 2003
I enjoyed this game but there were several errors/bugs that made me unhappy.

For some reason i was not able to go past the part on i think the fourth mission where you dump the bodies in the lak. I dumped them in the lake but the the screen went white and would not let me do anything.
Whilst long descriptions are often good i feel you have over used them, this is probably just me but it is quite annoying at times.
Instead of going SOUTH to pancake house or summit, you should ahve mad it a GO TO Place. I prefer this, but again, maybe it is just me.

Other than that i think it is a good game. Keep up the work Mocha MAn.

p.s, any chance of an add-on or a sequel

Review for Forgoten
01 Dec 2002
I didn't like your game very much, i thought it was too easy and didn't provide much fun at all. I found it very repetetive, especially the buttons and levers, maybe its just me that thinks this...

02 Aug 2002
I must say, it isn't very good.
It is original though.