ELSE SCHOOL by 20tryjoh

ok. this is my first game, I will update later. I was originally going to code this onto a TI 83 calculator, but I broke, so I had to find an alternative. I made this because I loved the orphanage (a minecraft map) and wanted to make a game based off of it.
Review by Scarlett Phantom
26 May 2016
Um... The whole thing was rather confusing. Who am I? Where was I going? Why are there ghosts attacking me? Why did a school, with absolutely no idea of who I am or what I'm doing, allow me to enter and eat dinner with them? Why didn't I notice any ghosts? I didn't know I was hungry enough that I became stupid and unobservant. Why are there ghosts in a school? What kind of school is this? Why can I just run anywhere I want to in the school?

There was no actual story. You start out with a flat tire and then a ghost appears because you don't know how to change it and you run away. You enter a school, eat dinner, and almost get killed. There were very few details (really just the basic minimum).

I just don't understand anything that was being said or done at all. I also don't understand how you code a game like this onto a calculator. And how is this at all related to Minecraft???

This isn't scary. It's not a horror game (unless you count how horrified I was at the grammar, "story," and choices). It's also not finished, which makes the entire thing even worse.

21 Jan 2016
There are no meaningful choices at all. Don't put unfinished games here. Also no one is scared.

Review by DarknessPast
20 Jan 2016
Fucking sucks. NEXT.

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