minecraft adventure by James Tracy

you see that your friend is gone. you need to find him

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03 Apr 2018
I'm sorry, but I didn't find it that fun to be honest. But don't be too sad! I'm sure that one day you'll make a text adventure that will blow minds away! Good luck!

Review by pranyboi
30 May 2017
I would like the game if we could start fresh survival and if it had graphics like the Minecraft I just played by Warrior.

Review by becky boo
24 Oct 2015
yeah no um it was ok but got bad


Review by NightOfTheSun
13 Aug 2015
pretty good! i just think it needs more description. like i didn't even know the lava was there until it said the creepers fell in it. good start though!

Review by EnderDoesMC
04 Nov 2014
just as good as another minecraft one i've played. It is just like in real minecraft but I wish it had been more in-depth if you know what i mean.

Review by douwe
19 Mar 2014
great game.was the person hero brine?

Review by Jocelynn
13 Jan 2013
Besides some of the mistakes, I thought that this is a great idea. I had fun playing it and can't wait for your updated one!

Review by Nate6
08 Oct 2012

Review by Corey Everett
01 Oct 2012
Not exactly the right grammar. Also, it was only the illusion of choice and some of the choices just killed you immediately. WTF. Too short aswell. A good game is made in a month or two. Not a day.

Review by DOCTOR X
23 Sep 2012
Total load of Tosh.

At the end even one of the characters name changed and full of poor grammar and spelling mistakes.


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Written by
James Tracy

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 06 Jul 2012

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