Tiny Perspectives by Rhousley083


Giantess Kathryn now available to play as after Jess returns the next morning. Based on whether Zoe and Danny are alive when you continue the story, what happens to Kathryn and her overall demeanor within certain scenarios will change.

Currently the only new content is accessed if you skip or Zoe and Danny are killed. Next update will add content for if Zoe and Danny live.

Because these next updates will be Kathryn getting back at Jess, there will be A LOT of situational, setting, and size specific interactions.


-----Wake her up:

-----Trapped and Waiting:

-----Blunt/Brutal Deaths:
Unlock Box w/her at the desk



---Original Tiny:
Living Room Table
- Leads to body exploration
Front Door
Nightstand (w/drawer open)
Desk Chair

---Female tiny (Zoe)
Counter (Vore with a twist)
- Small Hide and Seek Game
North Table Edge
- Leads to Body Exploration


---Original Tiny:
Living Room Table
Front Door
Nightstand (Glass Dildo Visible)
Desk Chair

----------Jess (Futa Giantess):


---Male Tiny (Danny):
Closet (Autofellatio, Panty Entrapment, or death)
Shower (Cock Vore)

---Female Tiny (Zoe)
Bed (Quick Voreplay w/Cum inflation, or death) >>SORRY ZOE<<
Desk (Best way to explain it is being shoved inside a fleshlight)
North Table Edge (W/Kathryn there) (Voreplay/Blowjob)


---Male Tiny (Danny)
North Table Edge (With or Without Kathryn)

---Female Tiny (Zoe)
Desk Chair (Ball smothering)


---Male Tiny (Danny)
Counter (Voreplay/Drinking)

---Female Tiny (Zoe)
Nightstand (Glass Dildo Visible)

----------Normal Sized:
Make Food (Tease)
Watch TV (Handjob)

----------Giantess Kathryn NEW!!!

-----Tiny Jess

---On Kathryn's Street
-Growth 1
Breast (This one's a little odd but I'm running out of new scenario ideas)

-----Tiny Women
1. (Base Growth) Feet/Crushing
2. Voreplay (w/Jess)
3. Breast smother/crush
4. Ass crush
5. Insertion (choice of vaginal or anal)

Tags: Giantess, shrink, shrunk, futa, futanari, insertion, vore, tiny, grow, growth, crush, smother, ass, breast, mouthplay, lesbian

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22 Apr 2022
This game is extremely poor and confusing.

It doesn't explain how to trigger the interactions and some of them don't even work.

Review by Dongers
18 Nov 2021
I don't know how to use the stove and I'm stuck in the beginning. How do you access the content? What do you need to do? The only info you get is "Call Kathryn" and "Show Map". That's not even a fraction of enough.

Review by Fran0899
12 Jun 2020
Its ok, some pasrts are dificult to understand

Review by HighImpactMoth
09 Sep 2019
Interesting in it's potential detail and in depth mechanics like needing one character to help another and whatnot but that's where my praise ends, the game can do with writing like rooms are left with a name and no descriptions and with the lack of meaningful writing I cannot tell if I am the giantess character or the tiny half the time.

As a side I also found a mistake where there is no exit in the shower, I'm not sure if that is when a game over event is meant to occur but there is no indication so and I don't have the patience to wait and find out.

Review by shrinkydink112269
30 May 2019
EW It's fucking nasty, why wold anyone want cock in a GTS story?? It's beyond me >:(

Review by hunij
10 Oct 2018
great game can't wait to see it continued!

Review by misterbleik
11 Jul 2018
It's a really good game, have played through it a couple of times now. I just wish that there might be some more content on the way, really wish to see more of it

Review by Undesighdid
05 Jun 2018
Actually, I'm kind of disappointed. Not because the story's bad, but because there's not more of it. To be honest I find it kind of hard to find good giantess /with futa material. In some ways it's kind of niche but granted it's one of my favorite things to see, I really wish there was more of it.

Review by necrom
21 Feb 2018
great game.I hope you add on to it.

Review by epicskull
04 Aug 2017
I'm gonna level with ya, I'm not into Futa. Despite this, The rest of the interactions are great and the game is entertaining. though I would like to see a few more non-Futa interactions mid-game. Still good though.

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