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Reviews by necrom

29 Jan 2020
A nice start,And the "Waking up gimmick" works well with the game as is.

great start,hope you add more to the game

Review for Kira
26 Jun 2018
good story for the most part however i do see that some of the deaths in the game tend to happen a bit too fast for my liking but still a impressive game non the less.

Review for The Giantess Trial
30 Mar 2018
good gameplay hope you update it soon

30 Mar 2018
good game hope you update it soon

Review for Shrunk in a Dorm
30 Mar 2018
great start hope you continue working on this project

19 Mar 2018
hope you continue you the game

Review for Tiny Perspectives
21 Feb 2018
great game.I hope you add on to it.

Review for Elsa's Motel 0.4
17 Feb 2018
a bit buggy using the online version,but great story

Review for Shrunk at College
15 Feb 2018
keep up with the story,however try and fix the save if you can.

Review for The Mini Vacation
13 Jan 2018
great work on the story