After Curfew by crazykazel

This is a choose your own adventure game where you are either a teen or parent. As the teen you are attempting to avoid getting grounded for arriving almost 3 hours late for curfew. You get to choose why you're late, how you enter the home, etc. As the parent you are worried as your child has not arrived home yet. It's getting close to them being 3 hours late. You choose how you wait for them, if you punish them, and how you interact with them. There are many different endings and possible scenarios. Will you make it without being grounded? Or will you ground your child?
Review by GameofChocolate
06 Jun 2017
Yup. I was late after curfew alright. The parent was cool with it. That was all of 15 seconds of my life. See if you can make longer adventures. :P

Review by youth44
05 Feb 2017
A few grammatical mistakes, but otherwise it appeared good. I would only advise better word choice and more creative choices.

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Published 14 Feb 2017