Warriors: Sheepkit's Quest by abasea

Sheepkit, once a proud kit of Ebonyclan, was kidnapped by the Cliffclan deputy. When nobody believes their 'treacherous' claims, it is up to you to guide their paws in the path of Starclan.
Review by mckenna
22 Jun 2020
Really wonderful descriptions, and world/ character building even for such a short story. It has honestly left me hooked, I'd love to see the story continue!

Review by Thecatofallcats
29 May 2020
Fantastic, not much to say!

Review by lil.ollie
14 Apr 2020

Review by Misterfox
12 Mar 2020
Really love it please update and finish!!!!!!

Review by Txgirl2009
12 Jan 2020
I love it, the problem is, is ends with a cliffhanger. I hate those! Otherwise i love it.

Review by Swiftthunder
13 Nov 2019
This is so cool! But is it done yet? Because I couldn't get passed one part. If it is done can you please make a part two and continue the story? If so that would be great! This is really good so far. I love it!

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