Fountain of Eternal Youth by OttoVonBismarck II

This is part one of Fountain of Eternal Youth. It is a fairly simple adventure/puzzle game that I estimate will take about 30-90 minutes to complete. This is my first text adventure game and I welcome any suggestions and criticisms. Thank you for playing, I hope you enjoy this game!

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Review by _xXMidnight
24 Aug 2021
*me who only got the whole thing in 15 minutes:*

jk i didn't complete it, I couldn't memorize the pathways as I needed more memory capacity, scuse me

Review by bigmanstevebusemi
21 Feb 2020
it do be good tho

Review by Totungsmaschine
16 May 2019
WOW what a GOOD game so FUN 10/9 would recommend

Review by Small Boy
15 May 2019
I enjoyed this game and felt that it was a good difficulty. Kind of easy but still takes some work.

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Written by
OttoVonBismarck II

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Written for Quest 5.8
Published 12 May 2019
Updated 17 May 2019