Ultimate Escape by GAMER!

This game is part 1 of a series. You wake up in a bathroom not having a clue where you are.

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Review by Andrew Trewin
20 May 2008
Ugh. Im not even going to bother playing the damn thing.

Review by Demeter
28 Apr 2008
This game has obviously not been proofread as it is riddled with spelling errors, grammar issues and typos.

The prose is boring and uninformative. Thanks, btw, for letting me know that the TV is a TV, the bathtub is a bathtub and the microwave is a microwave. That was totally helpful and not at all a waste of the look command.

Writing correctly and writing well have to be the two most important parts of a TEXT adventure. There are other issues with this game, but if the author couldn't even figure out the basics, you can probably imagine how well he handled everything else.

Review by Dav
21 Apr 2008
I'm giving this "back and forth" my first ever 5-star rating. I'm really enjoying it, and hope to see more soon!

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