Hyperdimension Reduction re-BOOT~! by TinySaku

UPDATE 11-02-2020

So, it's been awhile everyone but I am rebooting this whole game idea, sure it was a nice idea for the MC to be some random guy but after talking with a few friends i've decided to change the MC to Noire, tho you may be asking "Noire? But isn't that the same girl who's room you're exploring in the beginning?"

Yes, you would be correct, but what you may not know is there are different dimension Noires and the one you're seeing here is from the ultra dimension, and the one you're playing as is the one from super dimension, so you can see where i'm going with this scenario? A tiny Noire exploring her other self's room? Not a bad idea, Eh?

And i wanna throw out a big thanks to Crazyguy225 on here, he helped me rework and fix my horrible events/deaths, so now with further ado i shall announce the new stuff after three whole years of waiting!

-New room added
-About 7 new deaths and 1 being gruesome so fair warning ahead of time. (Some events are triggered are by just waiting around, most you have to wait is 20 seconds)
-Reworked the dialogue so it now has Noire's perspective/you

Really, it's not much but i have to thank Crazyguy225 again for inspiring me to work more on this, and with my Azur Lane interactive i plan on working on that next, and if you run into a bug/error let me know

But her we go, i hope this game gives you some great memories from playing it the first time around and i'll look forward to replying to any suggestions/scenes you might wish to see in the future!


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Review by mstjohh
03 Aug 2023
epicly good story and game

Review by Lobo
14 Jun 2021
Experience una actualizacion

Review by Seoxys59
12 Jan 2021
Just wow, Hope you'll add New content

Review by Mirego
11 Jan 2020
Its a nice little game but i just didnt find a ending were we came back alive is that even a option yet? But afterall better than i expected 👍

15 Jan 2019
love it a lot of fun parts


Review by Amerdism
29 Mar 2018
Pretty damn good, it’d be nice to see some more characters and more interactions in the future.

Review by GR
04 Jan 2018
Good so far; keep up the hard work!

Review by epicskull
27 Aug 2017
good game, I hope that you expand on it though. it feels kind of short.

24 May 2017
Great game! this is a good start and I can't wait to see the other goddesses! I haven't found many neptunia giantess related things so this is great!

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