In the Year 2517... by lavagirl714

A short, choose your own adventure game about a boy named Percy. You will follow his quest in this dystopian world. In this future, the sun has moved much closer to the Earth and the world is a dry and harsh environment. Choose how you play and help Percy to save his village from dehydration. Enjoy :)
Review by WarriorsSN
14 Jul 2018
i really throughly enjoyed it, it was very good. it was easy to navigate. Dystopian though, does not have to do with witches, because witches do not exist and will never exist, so that is wrong because this is Earth. Anyways, i won hooray! it was VERY short, let me just say. But otherwise it was good

Review by pranyboi
18 Feb 2018
Fantastic! I loved it! There are not many choices to make but I like to just press that 'Continue' button. Maybe you can make it bigger, with chapters and turn it into a full game / story.


Review by ARCtype
17 Feb 2018
Too short, not very immersive or imaginative. Do people even need gold in a dystopian wasteland?

Review by TheBoldWriter
15 Feb 2018
It's a amazing game. Almost perfect, aside from the minor grammatical errors. But, I can look over them to see a very short story. It's good, but I'd like to see some more. Maybe add another quest or just make it lengthy.

And add a bit more choices. Because of its simplicity a bit more choices would make it more immersive.

I don't care if you don't, cause even in its current state, it is beyond words. It has a nice concept which would be even better if improved.

Overall, a nice little game, or text adventure. Great touch adding images, now all you need is a bigger story. Would recommend.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Reviewer,

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