Be a Software Developer by broller

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a professional Software Developer? Well, here is your chance. My name is Brian, and I've been a professional Software Developer for over 10 years now. I'm going to take you through some common situations that Software Developer's face. You'll have the opportunity to respond to each situation the way you feel it should be handled. The result of your choice may be positive, negative, or something in between.

Don't worry, no programming knowledge is required.
Review by Bravo
29 Jun 2021
Fits the category of education perfectly

Review by Camero2K
27 Dec 2020
As a Computer Science student myself, I'm exactly inside the scope of those questions.
I got 19 points and the game overall was truly educating. Though this game was not *truly* about being a software developer judging by the roots of the concept, this game does a very fair job teaching what is right and what is wrong in a job environment.
The mentioned experience of over 10 years only makes it better. Great job. Would like to see an improved version here.

Review by Zesc
16 Oct 2019
I've just found this under the "Last Played" section, and was suprised by it. Took me no 5 minutes to breeze through though.

"Gameplay wise", it's really just a multiple-choice test, but it has the major upside of explaining why given answers were preferable or not.

Sharing this wisdom instead of a mere "Beep. Wrong!" helps understanding, but it i have the feeling it is leaving out on the most difficult things for upcoming software devs. (Like dealing with customers that are incompetent and just don't know what they want.)

Review by inktail
08 Dec 2017
Very clean game. I like the links that expand into clear definitions, especially 'timeboxing'. I won too quickly, though, so I restarted (very easy to do, thanks) to get the content from the last scenario.

Review by james7x1
10 Jan 2017
Excellent game with actual knowledge embedded. Thank you for the educational game. All the information is correct and accurate.

Review by flysquirrel775
14 Jul 2016
This game imparts much wisdom compared to most other games around here. It's not just if you want to become a software dev, give this a try if you are still in school too! I found this quite helpful because while I don't do software dev the information in the game teaches me how to cope with school situations as well

Review by Debb53
30 Jun 2016
The game was thought-provoking.
Great problem-solving game for even the non-programmers.
Love it! It left me wanting more questions.

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