The Lost Orb by Craig Dutton

You are a servant to Altrobus, wizard in residence for the City of Port Hammerfall in West Farland.

However, the evil Captain Bloodbeard had sent his men to steal the Orb of Dragons, created by Altrobus. This orb can control those fiery beasts found at the Dragonclaw Mountains in East Farland.

Luckily, Altrobus found out about the theft before it was too late and sent a fireball directly at their ship, the Fire and Brimstone, as they left the city harbour. All the crew jumped overboard and were all accounted for except for Captain Bloodbeard. Drowned, perhaps?

Since Altrobus blamed you for not being vigilant enough, he had ordered you to go and retrieve it from the bottom of the Restless Sea. Yikes!

For hints go to:

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Review by Regisblackgaard
27 Oct 2016
this is not even comedy.

Review by KyuJones
24 May 2016
Such a fun game! I enjoyed the puzzles a lot. And for times of endless befuddled pondering, the hints linked in the description are great.
Also, I didn't want to leave the underwater area. <3

You did a fine job, good sir!

Review by rcsjr1951
02 Apr 2016
Fantastic Job Craig. I have enjoyed playing a number of your gams. This one had an especially delightful story line which really makes you think and exercise your reasoning powers. Keep up the good work. The hints and comments of others in this forum enabled me to complete it in a relatively short period of time. Very challenging but after playing some of your other games and getting a feel for the way you write it was not too complicated. Please keep up the good work. Looking forward to playing more of your games. LONG LIVE TEXT ADVENTURE!

17 Feb 2016
A great fantasy/mystery game, although I guess more clues are needed

Review by toto_titi
28 Jan 2016
Some nice brainteasers, needed hints a couple of time but still very entertaining.
I would have gave 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact I got myself in a situation where it become impossible to complete the game (which is OK) but this isn't made clear in the game. I wasted a lot of time trying to solve an impossible situation and end up having to restart from the beginning.
Still highly recommend it.

Review by Sue
16 Dec 2015
This was a really fun game with some tricky puzzles. It took me a while (and a browse through the comments) to figure a few of them out, but the solutions were all the more satisfying for the time put in. As with all of Craig's games, this one boasts great landscapes and an interesting plotline.

Nice job, Craig!

Review by zolo1261
01 Nov 2015
i just started this, so i cant do anything, but its great so far

Review by johnhf
08 Jun 2015
Another great game. Big Fan.

Review by kevinchu509
07 Jun 2015
How do you go underwater!

Review by DaNiX88
28 May 2015
Another great game! I was again almost able to complete the entire game without having to look at the comments. I highly recommend this one for even the not-so-skilled-yet text adventurer.

The story was interesting, and I really liked the translation amulet. Talking to animals was probably an underrated part of this game and served as a unique hint tool. Also, unless you did something extremely obviously silly, and you would not run into a dead end, or be trapped without knowing why. One of the best yet! Though it felt a little bit shorter than usual and left me wanting more of Dutton's finest!

Great work!

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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 08 Apr 2015
Updated 19 Feb 2017