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Review for The Lost Scroll
07 Nov 2016
Absolutely fun. These tough puzzles are set in a wonderful scenario with entrancing descriptions - some that are just fun to read! I honestly went back to a couple items thinking they may be a clue to something, but it seems they were just there for the curious. ^____^
I loved that each special item had its place specific to its detail. Those frustratingly thoughtful moments trying to consider what went where and which clues to use.... you know how to test your readers and make them feel QUITE accomplished upon discoveries!
Now if only I could hop into that world and wander that old house. <3

03 Nov 2016
I quite enjoyed the story and gameplay. Nicely done on your writing!!
Was a bit confused on what to ask characters, until I read the comments section.
Was confused at the end... if it was truly the end...? Seemed to be so, but I hope I haven't missed something.

Review for Horse Master
29 Aug 2016
Very intruguing and kept drawing me in at every page.
What a future.... what a career.... T__T

Review for Zombolocaust
12 Aug 2016
This was quite fun. I enjoyed the characters and very real possibilities that you would die in most scenarios. O____O

08 Jul 2016
Very interesting story. I like having the feel of an actual choose-your-adventure book in my hands. ^___^

Review for Man in a Hole
08 Jul 2016
This short puzzle was cute and fun! ^___^ I love that I have to always carry my pup!

Review for Captain Jumbo
08 Jul 2016
Some of the puzzles were difficult to figure out because of so much other description here and there. I kept thinking certain things would provide answers and spent much too long on them. T__T
Sad story, good intrigue. :)

Review for Pokemon Aquamarine
07 Jul 2016
This was amusing - fun and funny. ^___^
I wish it was longer, but good work!

15 Jun 2016
This was a particularly fun game. The areas were only as big as necessary, which I like. It read like a book! Turn the page to another section, which the game already puts you into, along with a bit of story introduction for each place.

I liked this one very much. ^___^

Review for Island of the Magi
03 Jun 2016
This was really fun. Cool adventurous setting. I like all the characters with which you interact! .... and those dapper Magi! Again, I appreciate the group of people playing your games that help each other out in the comments section for those moments you just can't figure it out. I ALSO appreciated the walkthrough!!! It was handy for things I never though to investigate. I need to learn more text-game-savviness!

Good game. Fun. Intriguing. Lots of cool props. Lots of cool run-ins.

01 Jun 2016
What an enjoyable world. What enjoyable poems and riddles. ^____^
I must say I needed help from the comments, as these were quite tough tasks to figure out sometimes. But the writing is splendid and once you get through the trickier bits, it is very satisfying.

Review for spondre
26 May 2016
Very intriguing. Very good visuals. <3
I like how clicking some bits first may change what the responses of other bits are.

You are a great writer. ^___^

Review for The Lost Orb
24 May 2016
Such a fun game! I enjoyed the puzzles a lot. And for times of endless befuddled pondering, the hints linked in the description are great.
Also, I didn't want to leave the underwater area. <3

You did a fine job, good sir!

20 May 2016
That was fun. At first I wanted to be friendly to some things, but..... in the end I needed to eat! I'm pretty satisfied with the end. ^____^

Review for Lenny and Goliath
20 May 2016
Really fun game! Makes me nervous to have a time restraint sometimes... O_O But this was really fun, and quite funny!

I'm not sure how you get different endings.... That other person claims to have done things I did not do. hmmm... worth another play!

Review for The Piskie
28 Apr 2016
I honestly would like to be more like those piskies... sweet to kind ppl, but selfishly living life to the fullest!

I love your games very much. This map was more confusing, since it didn't lie flat in my layout, as your others did.... Odd topography? Other than that, I still do quite love the size of the map.

This game felt smaller and easier, so was a nice one to leisurely finish in an afternoon. ^___^ And as always.... perfectly lovely setting!

Review for Mermaid Bay
26 Apr 2016
OH! ^___^ Fantastic story!
I adored the end.

I do, indeed, love the story puzzles by this author!
Maps and puzzles are tricky and gratifying to figure out.
The scenario of this one is beautiful - an adventurous tourist investigating a mermaid and pirate. LOVE!!

Also, a much appreciated tidbit.. if you become stuck, look for helpfulness within the comments. Others before you may lend a hand in past words, and there is always the author there to guide you out of your specific predicaments!

Review for Curse!
15 Apr 2016
The popular puzzler! This man's games are quite intriguing, albeit tricky! If help is ever needed, though, reading through or ask in the comments for helpful hints!

This dark little story is well done with it's small map of riddles. Nice creepy and lonely setting that.... kinda made me glad I'm playing midday around people. But then, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat.

Thanks, Mr. Peter Edwards, for a darkly lovely game.

13 Apr 2016
Enjoyable little scenario! Found 2 good endings.... the rest reminds me why I see ranked as an empire of fear best left to the truly obsessive LoL players!

Review for The Enchanted Glade
13 Apr 2016
WOO! So fun!
I love the puzzles by this author! ^___^
The map and interconnecting puzzles are very well done. I appreciate this tidbit, too.... if you become stuck, look for helpfulness within the comments - and leave a question yourself if needed!!

Review for Aquarium
12 Apr 2016
This was a fun short game! I loved it. It's nice to have that "living text". It's also nice to be able to easily go back and play all of the choices. Each different little step is interesting. Great work. ^__^

12 Apr 2016
Really beautiful the way it's written and some bits re-written as you make choices.
I love this scenario!
The only thing I'd like changed is the options at the end - only 2 options and the one repeats the last scene instead of coming to a different end. It seems your intention is to bring the player to the same ending eventually - but it would be nice to not HAVE to.

Review for Monday
06 Apr 2016
So good!
I like the size of the game and that you can easily play every option for a good story each time. ^_^

Review for Find the Cookie
06 Apr 2016
It's all I wanted.

Review for The Nothing
06 Apr 2016
well written. good tangents. nice wrap-up.

06 Apr 2016
Like this little scenario! Learned some things about mud and now know that I can definitely survive in the wilderness. Definitely.

PS. Commands were good once I read some comments and played around a lot..... would be helpful to have put in more options for the commands.

Review for The Race
31 Mar 2016
Really interesting game!
If you've wanted to be part of a big race like this, but will never truly try - this is a great simulation. ^___^
I've played it a few times to find several of the achievements... it's fun.

14 Mar 2016
Very cute. I do wish it was longer, but it is well done!
I enjoyed the graphics a LOT! ^_^

I want mooooore!!

Review for A Cup of Tea
03 Feb 2016
Any order I chose to do things did not work - aside from one thing..
Teapot on stove, turn on.
Although turn on stove THEN place teapot did not work.
I'm not sure why only very particular routes will work, but I could never make the other items be used.

Review for The Escape
02 Feb 2016
Great rooms with intriguing puzzle. I wasn't sure what a couple items were for - just points? But this was a fun one to go around clicking everything. I like that you can venture on slightly different paths to complete the game.

Review for Library
02 Feb 2016
Pulled me in with the ambiance of the library and items with which to interact - intriguing books, mostly!
Disappointed there was no use for several things.... This could definitely be expanded upon into a great enveloping story.

Review for The Four Elements
01 Feb 2016
Good short challenge. Enjoyable! ^_^

Review for The Zen Garden
01 Feb 2016
This game was very thought provoking and beautiful.

The setting drew me in and I HAD to keep playing even just for that. Immersive writing. ^_^ And the puzzles!! I had a great time pondering over them. I also loved being able to get hints from other players and the game creator in the comments section as I put bits and pieces together. The puzzles flow so well and leave you feeling accomplished at every small one completed, as the bigger picture begins to form.

I will most likely play again. I highly recommend this game! Highly.

Review for Sushi Quest
12 Jan 2016
Short and cute.
I liked what I saw of it and the puzzle was fun... but wondered if I had missed some things (that can be skipped to complete it)?

(((Locked in a treasure room in one round, couldn't figure out, skipped entirely next time.)))

12 Jan 2016
Lovely and fun! A short jaunt in a fantasy comedy.
The story made me giggle a lot and the viewings of choices previously unchosen made me happy - I always love getting to see the "what ifs".

Well done, fellows! ^_^

Review for Room Serial
07 Jan 2016
Really fun. I very much appreciated the in-game walkthrough. There were a few things I wouldn't have thought to do, so I did need to rely on the walkthrough a couple times towards the end.

Great puzzles! Played a couple times. ^_^