Mining Adventure Quest by Trooper7

You are in the time of the gold rush! And you want all the gold!

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Review by Odie_da_Bossé
29 Dec 2014
A really great idea, but it needs some care - I agree with Daisy&sis; poor grammar. Really could use some colour, pictures and all that. I don't know why the other three people voted 5; why was it a five? Specify your answers next time. Otherwise, this game does have quite some potential! If you update this with better grammar, more details and maybe some other special bits and pieces in an update, I'll be sure you'll deserve those fives! Keep at it, Trooper7!

Review by Daisy&sis
03 Jul 2014
The grammar was really poor, and it reflected on the game as well. Honestly, I ended up just briefly skimming the sentences and choosing a random answer. I've only played it once, and wouldn't play it again until the grammar's fixed.

Review by detroitspartan53
12 Feb 2014
Great Game!!! Epic and Fun!!!

Review by dudeguy
06 Feb 2014
epicness in a game

Review by Porpoise
06 Feb 2014
# YOLO SWAG # it was great I would play this game again.


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Published 04 Feb 2014
Updated 04 Feb 2014