Where's Annabel? by CJ592

Annabel, a beautiful young girl, waits patiently on a tree stump in the middle of a Forest. She is waiting for her true love, Griswold. There is a rustle of leaves behind her. "Grissie, is that you?" she calls out tentatively. but no-one replies. Annabel gets up and investigates the trees. Suddenly a pair of huge arms appears from the trees and grab her. She cannot scream, she struggles but to no avail. And then she is gone! 'Where's Annabel?' is my second attempt at writing a game. It is a complete game and is designed to use click and drag options.

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Review by danaburgerrr
07 Jan 2015
interesting game, not your best, but fun. love the theatrical aspects. the exactness of the commands is cumbersome, though. also I have no idea what the secret gems, or that sofa bit at the end of the game, were for. not a hint anywhere about any of that! overall I'd say some of the puzzles are a bit far-fetched...! good game though, entertaining throughout!

Review by BeautyvsAshes
09 Jun 2014
This was so much fun! I only gave it four stars since some things were completely random and unless you discovered them by chance or used the walkthrough, it would be extremely difficult. Having said that it was a great game!

Review by ahsat
06 Aug 2011
thank you for this game

Review by David Whyld
01 Feb 2008
This one had an introduction at least, though the author

Review by Anneka
09 Dec 2007
Okay, so there may be a few typos... but no one's perfect. This game was great! I have to admit I got stuck a few times, and had to ask for help, but the puzzles were great. Two thumbs up, definitely!

Review by Ben Martin
16 May 2007
Nice set of puzzles. I especially enjoyed the sense of humor as well as the theatre context. Some programming problems with objects remaining in place after they're taken. Too may typos in the descriptions. Otherwise an amusing romp.

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