Welcome to Pineview by filthyandfree

You are driving home late one night. Your phone buzzes. It's a number that you don't recognize, so you ignore it. A few minutes later, it begins to buzz again. This time, you answer. No one is on the other end. You hang up and look up just in time to see yourself flying off the road and into a ditch.

You don't remember much before that. Before waking up in the hospital. Before waking up here.

In Pineview.

WELCOME TO PINEVIEW is a text-based adventure game featuring still-frame, pixelized images. Unravel the mystery of your past through exploration, deduction, and conversing with the strange, mask-wearing townsfolk. They all seem to remember you, even if you can't remember them!

Filthy & Free Showcases the first 10 minutes of WELCOME TO PINEVIEW here:

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Review by Stella S.
23 Sep 2016
I love it! It's very intriguing.

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Published 02 Sep 2016
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