Crazies by AmericanWonton

A super-drug has created a post-apocalyptic world. This world is run by the Crazies and the Normals. But they Crazies start to outnumber Normals every day. Anything stressful can turn you into a Crazy; a lost family member, extreme anger, even gripping with the worlds harsh realities too long. The Cities are being overrun. People are losing hope…and thus, feeding the cause of the Crazies. One man, Darrel Felt, strives to keep himself sane. For the sake of his daughter and himself, Darrel MUST keep his head….or end up a Crazy himself.

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Review by This Big Hush
09 Sep 2018
This is great. The writing is excellent, there is a real plot, and it feels like choices matter (though I think the wrong ones may lead to death, even if it is death in a few turns).
Not an adult game; no sex, and the violence is pretty tame.

Review by arcwolf500
14 Feb 2016
Not much into reading books and stuff.. But i feel like it was a bit inspired by the movie Maggie (I think that is the movies name.) Zombies and everything. There was a bit of walking dead and so on. I have to say, its actually pretty good.

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