Another Babysitting Day by leepdroon

ABD is a relatively short, scientifically accurate, real life simulator, with endless possibilities for a main character that is impossible not to love.

- Take care of a girl with a dark secret
- Try to date a gorgeous woman
- Die in the most understandable and totally possible ways
- Waddle in the friendzone of a married woman
- Go to hell
- (maybe) Get rich!
- Talk to not one, but three deadly creatures
- Accidentally kill other people before dying yourself
- Help ants take over the world?
- Fight racism?!

Among other unbelievable experiences which will probably still fail to make you a better person. Go on, jump in!
Oh, yeah, and there's a bit of bad language and some adult themes, I guess.
Review by twocherryontop
04 Sep 2017
Loved the multiple endings, it's hilarious! I kept dying during the process of the game, but it's worth it. Glad you put check point in the start of the game since inklewriter did not have saving system.

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