The Lost Princess by 15565

In a far away kingdom, on an ill-fated night, King Orin and his family are killed by his brother Kenrick, who ascends to the throne. But one child is rescued and taken to you for protection. Your task: remove King Kenrick from power, restore Princess Iria to the throne, and lead the kingdom of Stonwald into an era of prosperity.

Along the way, you'll battle raging rivers, bandits, and uncover sinister plots. The last knights of King Orin's Guard will help as they can, but the child's destiny ultimately rests in your hands.

The progression of the story depends on the choices you make, and there are over 10 different endings (most of them less than desirable), so save often!
Also, you can play as a male or female for greater customization.

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Review by archerqueen08
12 Feb 2018
The puzzles were very simple and the plot was ok I guess but the main thing is that the game doesn't really let the player do much in between lines of text.

Review by MehCandie
21 Jan 2018
♣♧ 2 words. Simply AMAZING! A++ ♧♣

Review by GameofChocolate
03 Sep 2017
I wish I could rate this game a 10, for it surpasses all the other games I have played on here. I really loved this one.

1. Great story & plot.
2. Fantastic, detailed, creative characters.
3. Awesome suspense and risk.
4. Quest-lined goals
5. Many various items, not all of which were necessary...
6. A need for thoughtful calculation and strategy.


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Published 14 Jul 2017