Panic Mansion by beatlesfan317

Panic Mansion is a combination of a trivia game and an action-rpg. You must find your way through the Panic Mansion (like a panic room but a whole mansion) by completing quests, answering questions and defeating bosses at the end of each level.
Review by GameofChocolate
06 Jun 2017
So I lost because of a battle where I click attack or defend until I win or lose. Meh. I did better when I had a choice in my fate.

Review by snazzy ray
10 Feb 2017
It's pretty good and well made but gets boring

Review by mikkimokki
17 Jan 2017
It has good gramar, and is well made! It gets boring after a while though...

Review by Jesse Richardson
16 Jan 2017
yay, answering stupid trivia questions and fighting in an extremely boring, non-descriptive way is sooooo fun!

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