Doge Quest by mooney003

What can you do for Doge?

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Review by The doge777
09 Nov 2017
Very confuse
Can’t do much...

Review by Odie_da_Bossé
02 Oct 2014

Some commands don't work, and it would be a lot better if there were pictures. All you do is go in a castle, and then... that's it.

Review by potbellypiggy
25 Jul 2014
mooney003, this game sucks, but it is better than the other doge games.

Review by Dominomitron
24 Jul 2014

Review by OrionSpeedwagon
23 Jul 2014
Doge Quest is a text adventure that plays up the memes that are popular on sites such as kotaku and 9gag. The game itself is poorly put together, ham-fisted for irony sake, and almost unplayable. Some actions don't register such as picking up the bag of dog food; other actions give the game a complete runtime error, which causes the came to stop working. One could argue that because it's a joke game it's free from criticism, but really ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Perhaps if the creator had an iota of wit or creativity we may have seen something both ironic and funny, yet all we're left is a bad taste in our mouths from complete and utter garbage. One man's trash is still trash.

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