Sir Loin and the Coming of Age by CJ592

Loin, a small orphan boy living in the stable at Castle Cum-Ere-A-Lot, has dreams of becoming a Knight of the Brown Table. But first he has to prove himself...
This game is my third attempt, I hope you enjoy it.

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Review by DavyB
19 Nov 2018
I've played a few games by CJ592 recently and find myself saying much the same thing in each review: I really enjoy the games but am distracted by the 'rough edges'. Again there are typos throughout and cases where clues remain after puzzles have been solved. Also, it is written in the previous version of Quest, meaning there are some missing facilities such as "x me" and "take all". As a result, I've given another 4 stars.

The difference this time, however, is that I've spelt out what I think should be changed by re-implementing it! I hoped to do this with CJ592 but he/she doesn't seem to have been on the site for quite some time and an email address in the game produced no response. I'd be interested to hear if I really have made this a 5-star game? ...or just made it more to my taste!!

Review by danaburgerrr
08 Dec 2014
that was a lot of fun! great subject matter and good humor. I like the puzzles: they made sense and they took a bit of figuring out but they weren't too complicated to the point of frustration. only got stuck once or twice but everything else is pretty straightforward. the size of the world is also just right: two main areas for exploring with only a few rooms/areas each so I know where I've been but don't feel confined to a small setting. my only complaint would be the spelling/grammatical errors, it bothers me in text adventures when things haven't been proofread. but other than that this was a great game. looking forward to the next one!

Review by Kefira
18 Nov 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed this! Loved the touches of humour. The puzzles were just right, all it took was a little thought. Looking forward to playing the others.

Review by soul emporer
21 Dec 2011
good game bit boring at some places

Review by ahsat
06 Aug 2011
thank you for this game

Review by LinaLyssic
19 Jun 2011
I love your games!

Review by lee connor
03 Jan 2011
Enjoyed it, love the humour and just challenging enough. Look forward to playing the other 2 in the series

Review by minttruffle
08 Aug 2009
I loved it. The humor was wonderful. I also enjoyed the second game and am currently playing the third one.

Review by magix
08 Nov 2008
simply love inspire me to create the 2nd part of a knights quest like this

Review by Steve2
02 Jun 2008
I liked this game. Okay it's not perfect, but I thought the humour was good fun.

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