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There are not enough choices in this game - interactive fiction is supposed to be interactive!
Welcome and please read my books. Some of my books might have truth in them. PLEASE DON'T GET OFFENDED!!
Review by LemonGrabJuice
11 Feb 2017
Seriously, you need to read more into... well, race in general.

1: Caucasians? Not the base gender. Sorry, fam, you can can't go throwing "white pride" in our faces, ever. Just because someone is Asian while you're Caucasian doesn't make them "black" just because you have a lighter skin tone than them.
2: There are general ways to summarize the colors of one's skin. If you put five Caucasians in a line and compare their skin tones, one is going to be darker than the other. But their skin tones are SIMILAR, obviously.
3: Five races. Five. No more, no less.
4: Have you noticed how Hispanic people have different looking faces compared to Negroid or Caucasoid humans? And different skin tones? Exactly.
5: Sorry, but this only changed, like, one person's views. (Directly under me, I presume)

Review by WayTooCasualGamer
11 Feb 2017
This is insane! I used to think that there were thousands of races, but no, only two I guess. This needs to be shared.

Ps. What the fuck

Review by AdventureText
03 Jan 2017
Uhhhh... this game (I use that term sarcastically) is just not great. If you want to voice your opinion on race and society, I advise you just go somewhere where the main audience <i>ARE'NT</i> people who are wanting to play a text adventure game.

Next time, when you post a 'text adventure', don't make it a three paragraph racist hate speech...

Review by Regisblackgaard
03 Jan 2017
1. not a textadventure or a gamebook
2. incredibly racist.
3. I see lots of chinese people everyday and they dont look black at all.

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