Dragons and Castles and Cheese, Oh My! by Thunderbird432

You wake up in a castle, with no knowledge of where you are or how you got there. There are hints of dragons, whiffs of cheese, and lots of potions, broomsticks and magic! But most importantly…where are all the people?

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Review by kendrafortune
22 Apr 2017
The game needs some more synonyms adding to certain objects (eg Magic for Beginners is a book but when I refer to it as a book, it doesn't understand what I'm talking about!) Some of the scenery descriptions only apply on your first entry to a room too, or when entering it from a particular direction (eg why do I always bang my head on the throne even when coming from east or west?)

I found most of the puzzles could just be solved if I selected the suggested verb from the inventory menu, which means it isn't very difficult. It did lead to some funny moments though. I enjoyed the game - good ending!

Review by snazzy ray
28 Feb 2017
Hmm... I was hoping it would be longer but it was very fun

Review by flubs
26 Dec 2016
Great Game!
i really like this game. ITs like one of those children's books about dragons. The spells were a little hard though.

Review by Fantasylover22
08 Aug 2016
Love the ending! Don't want to spoil it for others but I never would have guessed! Enjoyed this game a lot. It isn't very hard and is quite short but loved it.

07 Jul 2016
I love the humor and creativity throughout this game and the ending was amazing! It made me see the whole game in a different light. :D

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