Magic Math Mine by Mr Murphy

A text adventure for primary school children. It has some simple maths puzzles (suitable for year 3/4 ) and guides the user through the basic tropes of text adventures.

Enjoy! :-)

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Review by masavi
05 May 2017
I had fun with your game

Review by iwillbegentle
23 Jul 2015
A very cute little game and suitable for children.

Any complaints that I have, have already been addressed in other reviews: lack of final score at the end, use pasty error.

Over all, enjoyable.

Review by naradi
01 Jul 2014
OK, but a little short and easy.

Review by Claire6129
26 Jan 2014
Loved it!!! Go math!!!!

Review by Kubel82
08 Oct 2013
wow great _______

Review by Alien Invasion
06 Jul 2013
I'm sure this game will serve as an introductory adventure game for children very well.

I enjoyed it.

Review by Cooltile
31 May 2013
Nicely done!

Review by Jay Nabonne
23 Aug 2012
A nicely done endeavor. The pictures are a great addition to the basic texting, and I appreciated the extra help given for those who might not be familiar with adventures.

One difficulty. If I entered an answer wrong (and I did on the first one, as I read it wrong), then I couldn't just type the correct answer. I had to look at the room again to get it into the right state to accept the answer.

Another minor point: if you try to "use" the pasty (clicking the button in the UI), it gives a script error.

My last beef is that when the game was over, it said the total possible points was 100, but it didn't say what my score was! I'll just assume I did ok. :)

Review by Allie
08 Jul 2012
It was kind of short, but if you are a primary student you will enjoy this! I'm even not! :-)

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Written by
Mr Murphy

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 06 Jul 2012

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