The temple of herobrine by AJHHICKS

Follow up of my 5 star game Haunted Castle!

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Review by Marzipan
29 Nov 2014

Basically the definition of low effort trash.

I mean, I guessed that from the title but I just had to satisfy my curiosity...

Review by Tom C.L.
29 Nov 2014
This was a waste of time. It has no context whatsoever, and the whole thing is repetitive and awfully written. I would rate it 0 stars if I could. It is even more appalling than the original.

Review by AxeEcliptica
22 May 2014
"You get eated by the baby ender man you die." That is an improper sentence in SO many ways. It's a nice idea, but it could have been done MUCH better.

Review by awesomeman12345
23 Mar 2014
Well I am a pretty hardcore Minecraft player but this is somewhat very dull. This game has almost not back story to it and the entire game's goal is kinda pointless and the choices are very stupid. For example if you try to bail a creeper blows you up even if your in the nether (Which doesn't spawn in the nether). Also the choices are really stupid. For example if your dying of hunger you have the choice to go on or die. WHO MAKES THOSE CHOICES ANYWAY?! So in other words this game sucks Steve's blocky balls. Also Did you bride the other reviews because uhh... none of them actually say anything constructive only lol and awesome. So over all my grade: F ---------- and comment: W... T... F?

Review by Majesticivan123456
19 Mar 2014

Review by Claire6129
18 Mar 2014
nice dude.

Review by ExplodingPankake
18 Mar 2014
This is awesome!!!!! :DDDD So much... well. " stuff" (lol) in it :3

Review by douwe
18 Mar 2014

Review by The_Maker_143
17 Mar 2014
Good, Nice, A LOT

Review by madi
17 Mar 2014
lol lo lol

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