spondre by Jay Nabonne

"Who is the mysterious old man? More importantly, who are you?"

If you have trouble getting past the title screen, try the "no title screen" version:


(Version 1.1 incorporates a menu fix for the iPad.)

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Review by Sethaso
11 Mar 2017
Wonderfully crafted!

04 Oct 2016
Very well written! I loved your style of writing and your characterization!

Review by KyuJones
26 May 2016
Very intriguing. Very good visuals. <3
I like how clicking some bits first may change what the responses of other bits are.

You are a great writer. ^___^

Review by Neverward
20 Feb 2016
Just long enough, satisfying, tricky, well written... this is the first Quest game I've played and I must say it is totally excellent and surpassed my expectations :) I like how the story progresses through exploring the text instead of through verbs. It's more of a storytelling experience with very little interaction, but with enough choices to feel like a really good choose your own adventure book.

Review by IFforClassroom
15 Feb 2016
One of the very best non-parser games I've ever seen.

17 Jan 2016
I liked it.

Review by Mufasa
22 Dec 2015
The way I played the game ended it shortly. At first I was hesitant in my responses but I quickly realized it was silly that I had some sense of preservation for a character I knew nothing about. So I opened up to the old man and learned I what I really was. I am left with questioning whether this kingdom is just or are my actions righteous.

Review by ADranger
07 Nov 2015
This definitely had me interested. I did not expect the ending AT ALL. I took off one star because the ending did feel a little forced to me.
This was my first text game so don't take my word on it.

Review by interactiveguy501
28 Oct 2015
I don't know what to say about it.

18 Oct 2015
It's very nice; I like it! The ending was amazing.

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