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Reviews by FromAtoZany

04 Feb 2021
Wow. Amazing. I'd give it ten stars if I could.
Impressive use of extras (illustrations, map), great little references to the classics (including HITCHHIKER'S and ZORK) and -- ahem -- not-quite-classics (RETURN TO ZORK, GABRIEL KNIGHT), engaging storyline, and clear narrative. Solid puzzles, and everything made logical sense.
Since it's a beta release, I'm forgiving of the typos and the occasional bugs, and there's a lot more potential for fleshing out of various responses and adding flavor text. The biggest issue: I had to play it on my downloaded version of Quest: online version kept freezing up (not sure why) and reloading the page started me back at square one.
Truly a terrific job!

03 Feb 2021
What a fantastically quirky world! How to describe it? Maybe, "Steampunk meets City of Ember meets Athas, with a dash of Greek mythology to hold it all together"? Well-written and well-executed. Be forewarned: there aren't really a lot of "puzzles" to solve in the traditional sense (in fact, there's really only one that can't be solved simply by asking everybody about everything). But the story is so engaging I didn't mind. Sequel, please! I feel like we barely scratched the surface!

Review for Portcullis
01 Feb 2021
Loved this game: everything made logical sense, and although I ended up having to "brute-force" a couple of puzzles by just trying to give everything to everyone, it's extremely well-executed and a fun romp. The "a-ha" moment (you'll know it when you reach it) was a nice surprise.
One request: can a category be added to the Hints menu of How All The Points Are Scored? I can't seem to get above a 38/45, even by reaching what seems like the optimal ending.